Construction Consultancy Firm in Kenya

Get professional guidance from Construction Project Managers with accreditations in Architecture, Engineering, Urban Design, Quantity Survey, and General Contracting.

What is a Construction Consultancy Firm?

We’re the team you turn to before your project even begins. Our role is to bridge the gaps in your construction journey, offering clarity on both the broad strokes and the fine details.

We estimate costs to prevent budget shortfalls, recommend materials that balance quality and affordability, and plan the timeline so you know when each part of the project will start and end.

You can consult us from the initial planning and feasibility study stages to budgeting, selecting materials, obtaining construction permits, finalizing contract agreements, managing procurement, and overseeing payment processes.

Why Seek Construction Consultants?

Think of us as your guide, advisor, problem solver, and guardian through every step of your construction project.

We’ll refine your aspirations into a detailed design brief, advise you on the technical and legal requirements, guide you on how much money you should set aside, and tell you how best to proceed.

If you’re an aspiring investor prospecting on the Kenyan real estate market, we’ll crunch the numbers and advise you accordingly on the viability of various opportunities.

And if you’re unsure about all the red tape in Kenya’s building and construction industry, we’ll guide you accordingly.

What We Do

Project Planning
Real Estate Advisory
Procurement Management
Construction Cost Estimation
Feasibility Studies
Construction Management
Infrastructure Planning
Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
Quality Management
Site Supervision
Construction Design Management
Contract Administration
Site Health and Safety Management
Dispute Resolution
Site Selection
Program Management
Building and Systems Commissioning

Our Construction Consultancy Services


Cost Estimation & Value Engineering

We analyze your project’s requirements to estimate expenses accurately. This means breaking down the budget into detailed components, from materials to labor, and factoring in contingency reserves for unforeseen costs.

Our value engineering examines every corner of your project to find ways to cut costs or get more value for your spend. We may suggest alternative materials or construction techniques that are just as effective and durable but more cost-efficient.

We also assist tenderers in strategizing their profits, both before submitting their bids and after securing projects. Our team evaluates bid competitiveness, optimizes cost estimates, and forecasts potential profit margins.


Project Planning & Scheduling

You have a vision, and we have the roadmap to make it a reality. We’ll explore your ideas, analyze the requirements, and present a clear path to achieve your project goals.

Our detailed plan covers every project stage, from the initial design to the completed construction, detailing milestones, tasks, and how each phase depends on the others. We also specify the materials, equipment, and labor required for each stage and how they’ll be allocated.

As your project progresses, so do our plans. We continually monitor and adjust our strategy to meet new deadlines, accommodate changes, or mitigate setbacks.


Contract Administration

No two construction projects are alike, and neither should their contracts be. We therefore design bespoke contracts that reflect the specific needs and risks of your project.

We also provide expert advice on compliance with all relevant construction laws, regulations, and standards.

We further guide you on insurance, bonds, and other strategies for shielding your project from unexpected liabilities. Then as your project concludes, we assist with preparing and reviewing essential closeout documents.

In case of any disputes, we stand ready to assist in resolving them through negotiation, mediation, and, if necessary, arbitration or litigation.


Preparing Material Schedules

You don’t have to sweat the technical details in your Bill of Quantities (BQs). We break all that down into a detailed material schedule with pricing for each item. Every material listed is matched against the specifications set out in your Architectural Drawings and Bill of Quantities.

That gives you a clear, itemized list of what your project requires. Then to help you figure out when they’ll be needed, our schedules are synced with your project timelin. Such careful planning prevents construction delays and reduces the costs of storing materials on-site.

We additionally offer ongoing support as your project progresses – by making adjustments to the material schedule and Bill of Quantities (BQs).


Securing Construction Permits

Dealing with permit applications can be overwhelming. We simplify this for you by taking care of all the necessary paperwork. From filling out forms to compiling your project plans and any additional documents required by local authorities, we’ve got it all covered.

Once your application is ready, we submit it for you. But we don’t stop there – we act as your liaison with the permitting authorities. We make the calls, send the emails, and follow up to spare you the often frustrating back-and-forth with government offices.

After your permit is granted, we review it thoroughly to ensure you understand all the conditions. We also guide you on staying compliant throughout your project.


Project Appraisal

Unsure about how your construction project is shaping up? We’ll come in and thoroughly appraise both quality and costs.

This means verifying the grade of materials used, service providers’ compliance with industry standards, material quantities, and the project’s overall cost.

In analyzing your project’s finances, we identify any areas of excessive spending and uncover opportunities for cost savings that won’t compromise quality.

When your project is complete, we perform a final appraisal to verify it meets all quality standards and that the final costs match our initial projections and your expectations.

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