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Led by a team of experts in architecture, engineering, and project management, INTEGRUM is a full-service construction consortium that offers strategic Design-and-Build services while maintaining high standards of integrity and quality.

What is Design and Build?

Design and Build is a project execution model where one entity, the design-build contractor, offers comprehensive services for both the design and construction phases of a project. This dual role streamlines the project delivery process, as it saves you the cost and trouble of entering into separate contracts.

The design-and-build framework at INTEGRUM unfolds through a series of well-defined phases, beginning with concept development, advancing through detailed design, and culminating in the construction and handover of the project.

Why Pick a Design-Build Contract?

Reduces your administrative overhead, eliminates redundancies, and accelerates project timelines.

Accountability is centralized – leading to higher standards in both the design and construction phases.

Our unified value engineering optimizes the entire lifecycle to ensure the best value for money.

For foreign investors and members of the Kenyan diaspora, our Design-and-Build services provide you with a trusted partner on the ground to manage local approvals, procurement, and labor.

What We Do

Feasibility Analysis
Project Execution Planning
​Architectural Design
Structural Design
MEP Design
Bill of Quantities
EIA Reports
Construction Management
Full-service Construction
Procurement Management
Progress Tracking & Reporting
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Post-Construction Support

Our Design and Build Process​


Project Inception & Planning

We meet with you to understand your vision, objectives, and requirements for the project.

We conduct feasibility studies, in which we analyze the site, market factors, zoning regulations, budget considerations, and potential challenges. The findings are then combined with financial modeling techniques to establish the project’s viability and return on investment (ROI).

We define the project scope and objectives, including detailed specifications, performance criteria, and desired outcomes.

We develop a detailed budget and project schedule, incorporating all project phases from design through construction and completion.


Design Phase ​

We develop multiple design iterations, allowing for client feedback and adjustments to ensure the final design aligns with your expectations and project goals.

We refine your chosen concept into a detailed design, incorporating architectural, structural, and mechanical elements into a cohesive plan.

We prepare technical specifications and detailed construction drawings, including blueprints, elevations, and sections.

We provide an updated construction cost estimate based on the final design and specifications. This process also involves evaluating different construction methods and materials for cost efficiency, sustainability, and performance.


Construction Permit & Mobilization Phase

We apply for all necessary building permits from local authorities.

We coordinate with local authorities to facilitate the approval process. This includes addressing any queries from the authorities or providing additional information and clarifications as requested.

We mobilize all the equipment, materials, and manpower required for construction. INTEGRUM also clears, excavates, and grades the site to prepare for building activities

We conduct topographical mapping and site condition assessment. Our detailed analysis provides valuable data on the site’s geography, soil conditions, and any potential environmental or logistical challenges that may impact construction.


Construction Phase​​

Using high-quality materials, skilled labor, plus modern building and construction technology, our contractors and project teams work together to bring the design to life.

We utilize real-time cost tracking tools to monitor construction progress against benchmarks and budget forecasts.

We implement stringent quality control measures (such as material testing, safety audits, and supplier compliance verification) in line with the agreed standards and performance criteria.

We keep you updated on the project through progress reports, milestone reviews, and real-time visual recordings.


Project Commissioning​

We conduct energy efficiency assessments, environmental comfort evaluations, and other performance tests to ensure the building meets all the design and operational requirements.

We organize client walkthroughs to review the completed work, allowing for any final adjustments before project completion.

We apply for and facilitate the acquisition of occupancy permits – while coordinating final inspections with local authorities and addressing any compliance issues raised.

We train your staff on the operation and maintenance of the building’s systems and components.


Project Handover and Closeout

We hand over the completed project in line with the Plan for Use Strategy, which outlines how the building will be used and maintained to meet the client’s operational goals.

We provide you with a comprehensive handover package that includes digital as-built drawings, equipment warranties, and the building’s Operation & Maintenance (O & M) manuals.

We conduct a post-occupancy evaluation to gather feedback on building performance and user satisfaction.

We provide latent defects insurance to cover the costs of rectifying any building defects that may develop during the post-construction liability period.

Why Work With Us?​

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