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We are a Nairobi-based construction consortium of project managers and contractors, offering comprehensive feasibility studies as part of our pre-construction planning.

What is a Feasibility Study?

In the context of construction and real estate, a feasibility study is an in-depth assessment of the practicality and financial viability of a proposed construction project.

The corresponding feasibility study report documents the executive summary, research methodology, market analysis, financial projections, technical evaluations, legal considerations, and recommendations.

Why You Need It

For developers looking to invest in rental properties, our feasibility study reveals the demand for rental units in the area, expected rental yields, occupancy rates, and operational costs.

For property sellers, our feasibility study determines the optimal mix of units, pricing strategies, market demand, competition analysis, and financial projections to maximize sales revenue and return on investment.

What We Do

Project Needs Assessment​
Project Budget Analysis
​Microeconomic Analysis
Macroeconomic Analysis
Feasibility Study Report
Architectural Scheme Designs
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Bill of Quantities
ROI Projections
Project Schedule
10-Year Profit & Loss Statements
RoI & RoE Analysis

Our Feasibility Study Process​


Market Analysis​

We assess:

Population growth, income levels, and economic conditions in the area to establish the demand for the proposed facilities.

Existing and upcoming real estate projects in the area to identify competition and market saturation levels.

Historical data and market trends to forecast future demand for the proposed real estate facilities.

The market to determine the optimal pricing strategy for the project, considering factors like location, amenities, and competitor pricing.


Site & Environmental Analysis​

We evaluate:

The proposed site for its accessibility, visibility, and suitability while considering proximity to amenities, transportation links, and the character of the surrounding area.

The physical characteristics of the site, including soil conditions, topography.

All potential environmental impacts of the project and their mitigation measures.

The availability and capacity of essential utilities and infrastructure.


Technical Evaluation​

We examine:

The most cost-effective and efficient construction methodologies for the project, considering the local environment and project specifications.

The availability, cost, and suitability of construction materials and technologies, aiming for sustainability and innovation where possible.

How to seamlessly integrate essential utilities and infrastructure into the project.

Potential technical risks associated with the project and strategies to mitigate them.


Financial Analysis​​

We calculate:

All costs associated with the project, including construction, financing, and operational costs.

The project’s revenue potential based on market analysis, pricing strategy, and demand forecasting.

The project’s profitability by comparing projected revenues against estimated costs, cash flow, and break-even points.

The project’s return on investment (ROI) and internal rate of return (IRR).


Legal & Regulatory Analysis​

We determine:

All the necessary permits and approvals required for the construction project, as well as the processes for obtaining them and any potential challenges.

The proposed project’s compliance with all relevant local, national, and international regulations, including building codes, environmental laws, and labor standards.

The expected contractual obligations that come with the project, including contracts with contractors, suppliers, and service providers.


Design & Scheduling​

We develop:

Preliminary scheme designs in line with the project’s goals, market demands, technical requirements, and financial estimates.

Sustainable project execution plans that minimize risks, capitalize on the available opportunities, enhance environmental performance, and reduce operational costs.

Strategies for adapting the project to the changing market needs, while allowing for flexibility in the use of spaces or the mix of unit types.

Why Choose Us?​

INTEGRUM has a track record of delivering feasibility study reports that lead to successful real estate projects. By working with us, you get to capitalize on:

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