Management Contractors in Kenya

We partner with building and construction tenderers from the onset to profitably deliver projects on their behalf.

What is a Management Contractor?

A Management Contractor is a firm that winning bidders appoint to manage the entire construction on their behalf. They are responsible for coordinating all project facets, from initial planning and design through to construction and completion.

Our job is to shoulder the complexities of project management – freeing you to focus on your core competencies, with the peace of mind that your project is advancing as planned, within budget, and on schedule.

When to Engage Management Contracting

Winning a construction tender is only half the battle. We pick up from there and transform your winning bid into a completed project while managing risks, minimizing overhead, and maximizing your profits.

In particular, projects demanding tight cost control benefit immensely from our management contracting. INTEGRUM are pros at planning and tracking your project budget.

We also perform value engineering to identify avenues for maximizing returns while upholding optimum quality standards.

Benefits to Construction Tender Awardees

Expert Guidance
Cost Savings
​Quality Assurance
Risk Mitigation
Resource Optimization
Regulatory Compliance
Strategic Scheduling
Dispute Avoidance & Resolution
Value Engineering
Financial Forecasting
Supply Chain Optimization
Subcontractor Management
Budget Management
Reputation Management

Our Project Management Contracting Services


Project Planning and Scheduling

Right from the start, we set projects up for success with thorough planning, smart use of resources, and preemptive risk management.

We lay out the project’s blueprint with a detailed plan that includes schedules. These schedules map out the timeline for task and resource allocation.

We then set up clear communication and reporting systems to seamlessly coordinate the construction teams. Everyone is kept informed, engaged, and working towards common objectives.

By conducting risk assessments early, we identify potential threats to the project’s schedule or budget. This helps to develop mitigation strategies and contingency plans upfront.


Resource Management

By optimizing the use of labor, materials, and equipment, we not only enhance project performance but also contribute to cost efficiency, quality outcomes, and environmental sustainability.

Our broad network of suppliers helps us get the best materials at competitive prices. Inventory levels are also carefully managed to guarantee the timely availability of materials without the risk of overstocking.

When it comes to labour, we thoroughly screen all tradesmen and suppliers. We further keep a close eye on their numbers to prevent underutilization or overexertion.

Our responsibility extends to coordinating the supply chain and logistics of equipment to and from the site. To avoid any downtime, we make sure the necessary tools are available and in good condition when needed.


Profit Planning and Cost Control

Through careful planning, diligent monitoring, and strategic decision-making, INTEGRUM management contractors always meet the profitability targets of our clients’ projects.

These targets are initially established from our detailed cost analysis and revenue projections. Using historical data and industry benchmarks, we accurately predict the project expenses and income at each stage.

Next, we set up real-time cost-tracking systems to monitor expenses against the budget. Our strategies for cost control include negotiating favorable terms with suppliers and subcontractors, optimizing resource allocation, and applying value engineering.

Then through our strategic cash flow planning, we provide you with a clear schedule of when to provide funds.


Quality Control and Assurance

We set clear quality objectives in line with the project’s requirements and your expectations. The objectives subsequently guide our quality management plan, which outlines the standards, methods, and metrics we’ll use.

Our quality control process itself is rigorous and methodical. By conducting regular inspections and audits at every stage of construction, we make sure everything matches the quality management plan. We especially check the integrity of materials, compliance with specifications, and the precision of construction techniques. If we find any issues, we take swift corrective measures to resolve them and prevent future discrepancies.

Alongside quality control, our quality assurance drives continuous improvements in the construction methods and outcomes. We analyze quality control results to dentify patterns and areas for improvement.


Contract Management and Legal Advice

Our team of certified contract managers provides expert advice and guidance on contract interpretation, compliance, and dispute resolution.

We give practical solutions and strategic recommendations based on the unique circumstances of your project. Whether applying for payment, negotiating the contract terms, appraising work variations, setting accounts, or managing subcontractors, we’ll be there to safeguard your interests and contract rights.

In case of any contractual disputes, we usually seek resolution through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration before considering litigation. Our goal is to settle issues in a manner that is both cost-effective and time-efficient, thereby avoiding any potential disruptions to the project.


Correspondence Handling and Payment Processing

To save you the trouble of dealing with all the contract red tape, we manage all your incoming and outgoing communications on the project. Every piece of correspondence is then logged and filed accordingly to maintain a clear and organized record of all communications.

We also take full responsibility for managing your payments in line with your strategic objectives and contract terms. We’re the ones who’ll appraise the milestones achieved, prepare your invoices, apply for payment, and process the resultant contractor payment certificates on your behalf.

Meanwhile, you’ll be getting detailed financial reports on all aspects of the project. You get to track the costs incurred in the project, payments made, and profitability indicators in real-time.

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