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Our Construction Services

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General Construction

Building Structures Stronger Than Your Morning Coffee

By strictly adhering to BS EN 197-1 standards, INTEGRUM builds structures that meet globally recognized criteria for strength and stability. Our cement and aggregates are free of contaminants that might compromise bonding or hydration. Then for optimal compressive strength, we mix our concrete with special additives like fly ash, silica fume, etc.

Masonry & Bricklaying
Concrete Works
Foundation Construction
Exterior Finishing
Interior Fit-Outs
Landscaping & Hardscaping
Steel construction company kenya

Steel Construction

Steel the Show with INTEGRUM

INTEGRUM utilizes high-tensile steel with a yield strength of 275 N/mm2 and above, to accommodate intricate layouts and expansive spans without the need for bulky support. We also leverage advanced welding techniques – such as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) – to achieve durable and faultless connections.

Steel Fabrication
Structural Welding
High-Strength Bolting
Structural Testing
Crane Hoisting & Rigging
Cladding & Weatherproofing
Design and build company kenya


From Groundwork to Grandeur

By merging the design and construction phases, we eliminate the typical back-and-forth between separate design and construction entities. Our unified team manages both concurrently to significantly reduce delays and keep projects within budget.

Architectural Design
Interior Design
Structural Design
MEP Design
Construction Approvals
Full Construction
Prefab building materials kenya

Prefab Construction

Prefabulous Builds, Minus the Wait

Our prefab construction manufactures building components off-site, and then assembles them at the construction site. The controlled factory environment cuts down project timelines, increases precision, and minimizes material wastage.

Modular Design
Panelized Construction
Roof Truss Manufacturing
Wall Panel Manufacturing
Floor System Fabrication
Component Assembly
Roofing company kenya

Roofing Installation

Roofs that Reign, Come Rain or Shine

Our roofing techniques are engineered to offer maximum durability and protection against elements of nature. We use the most appropriate underlayment methods and materials for your area’s environmental conditions, while our shingle laying maintains a minimum 2-inch overlap to prevent water penetration.

Shingle Roofing
Tile Roofing
Flat Roof Construction
Waterproofing & weatherproofing
Skylight Installation
Roof Maintenance
Timber and wood construction company kenya

Carpentry & Woodworking

From Lumber to Luxury, We’ve Got the Touch

By carefully selecting wood based on its density, grain pattern, and moisture content, we guarantee a refined appearance in all our carpentry projects. The timber itself is pieced together using our advanced joinery techniques – such as Blind Dado, Rabbet, Tenon, and Briddle – which always achieve strong, seamless connections.

Architectural Millwork
Cabinetry Design & Construction
Fine Wood Finishing
Wooden Decking
Inlay & Marquetry Work
Log Construction
Electrical contractors kenya

Electrical Installation

Bright Ideas, Brilliant Installations

INTEGRUM’s electrical wiring, fixtures, and outlets comply with the Kenya National Electricity Safety Code’s safety and reliability standards. We further integrate backup systems – such as generators with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems – for continuous power availability.

Electrical Circuit Installation
Backup Generator Installation
Industrial Electrical Installation
Data and Communication Line Installation
Home Automation Installation
Security System Installation
Plumbers in kenya

Plumbing Installation

From Drips to Drains, We’ve Got the Expertise

We promote sustainable water usage and lower water bills by building low-flow fixtures and optimizing rainwater harvesting systems. Our plumbing systems are additionally equipped with backflow preventers, water filters, and UV treatment systems to keep the supplied water contaminant-free.

Plumbing Design & Installation
Fire Suppression System Installation
Sewer & Gas Line Installation
Water Harvesting Systems
Water Recycling Systems
Biodigester Systems

Why Choose INTEGRUM Over Other Building Contractors in Kenya?

Pay Only After We’ve Achieved Milestones

Unlike many contractors who demand upfront payments, INTEGRUM has adopted a policy that aligns your payments directly with the progress of the project. This means you only pay for the work that’s been completed.

We Have Adequate Cash Flow

With years worth of cash reserves, we have the financial muscle and resources to diligently sustain every phase of your construction project. All the required building materials, manpower, and machinery are available as and when needed.

We Quality Test Materials

To uphold our commitment to quality, every batch of materials undergoes rigorous testing in accredited laboratories. We’ll provide you with the results on the compressive strength of your concrete, tensile strength and yield of your steel, permeability of your soil, etc.

You’re Guaranteed By Performance Bonds

So dedicated are INTEGRUM building contractors that reputable banks and insurance companies are putting their money on us. They’ll provide you with a performance bond as a guarantee that we’ll adhere to the stipulations laid out in the contract. In the unlikely event of non-compliance, you’ll have the right to claim compensation.

Led By Architecture and Engineering Professionals

While other contractors are largely guided by architectural and engineering drawings, INTEGRUM gives you the exclusive privilege of having your project built directly by architects and engineers. So, your final structure is not merely an approximation but a true realization of the envisioned design.

Turnkey Construction

With INTEGRUM’s turnkey construction model, you benefit from a comprehensive approach that covers every phase of your project, from the first design sketches to the final build details. This consolidation of responsibilities minimizes your administrative overhead and saves you the trouble of juggling multiple service providers and subcontractors.

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