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Our Road Construction Services

Tarmac road construction company kenya

Tarmac Road Construction

We’ve Got the ‘Tar’-geted Solutions

Using the Marshall Mix Design, we build bituminous roads that can withstand heavy traffic without deformation. Each stratum, from sub-base to surface, is laid with precision for optimal load distribution. We also use infrared thermometers to ensure our asphalt mixes retain the best temperatures for impeccable compaction and binding.

Bitumen Paving
Base Layer Installation
Subgrade Stabilization
Road Upgrading and Expansion
Road Maintenance
Road Marking
Concrete road contractors kenya

Concrete Road Construction

‘Pour’-fecting Highways in Kenya

For vehicular loads, INTEGRUM uses concrete with a compressive strength of at least 4,000 psi. Then by integrating fly ash, silica fume, and ground granulated blast furnace slag, we enhance the concrete’s resilience, workability, and environmental resistance. Surface texturing techniques are further applied to improve traction.

Roller-Compacted Concrete
Precast Concrete Paving
Stamped Concrete
Concrete Slab Stabilization
Concrete Resurfacing
Soil-Cement Base Construction
Murram road construction company kenya

Murram Road Construction

From Fine Sands to Grand Stands

Our gravel roads are built using a well-graded murram mix, with particle sizes ranging from 75mm to fine sands. This ensures particle interlock upon compaction, which then creates a stable surface. We also apply natural binders like lignosulfonates to retain moisture, bind murram, and prevent surface erosion.

Gravel Compaction
Dust Control and Suppression
Drainage Swale Construction
Berm Construction
Surface Raking and Reclamation
Washboard and Rut Repair
Road construction tenders in kenya

Road Tender Bid Writing

Bid With Precision

We draft winning bids for road construction tenderers after thoroughly analyzing their projects’ requirements, risks, and potential returns. Each tender proposal offers a detailed cost breakdown, covering everything from raw material acquisition and machinery use to labor and contingencies for any unexpected challenges.

Cost Estimation
Technical & Financial Proposal
Quality Assurance Planning
Risk Assessment
Competitor Analysis
Contract Review

Why Choose INTEGRUM Over Other Road Construction Companies in Kenya?

Advanced Road Construction Methodologies

At INTEGRUM, we leverage data analytics and geospatial technologies for informed decision-making throughout the construction process. Our partnerships with esteemed institutions, such as the University of Nairobi and Stellenbosch University, further keep us abreast of the latest in road construction research.

Ultimate Accuracy

Our asphalt pavers, equipped with screed control systems, lay asphalt with impeccable thickness and compaction. Laser-guidance systems on our graders guarantee the perfect gradient for effective water drainage. And to maintain this level of precision, every piece of machinery undergoes rigorous calibration checks.

Urban Design & Engineering Professionals

Our leadership boasts advanced degrees and expertise in urban design, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, traffic flow analysis, and environmental impact assessment. Their insights ensure our roads are durable, traffic-efficient, environmentally friendly, and integrate seamlessly with existing structures.

Financially Secure

Our financial foundation is as solid as the roads we build. The high liquidity ratio allows us to swiftly address any arising project need – from sourcing high-grade materials to mobilizing mega earthmovers.

Full Regulatory Compliance

Our adherence to Kenya’s Standard Specifications for Road and Building construction means that every road we build meets stringent criteria for material quality, layer thickness, and surface finish.

Proactive Maintenance

Using software like HDM-4, we design maintenance schedules that anticipate road wear based on traffic and environmental conditions. This proactive approach allows for timely maintenance interventions.

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