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Comprehensive Construction Cost Management & Quality Control

Integrum is a construction project management firm in Kenya composed of architects, quantity surveyors, and engineers. We collaborate to tactfully handle every single thing on behalf of our clients – from planning to project completion and hand-over. Our principal objective for each project is achieving the best possible result at the lowest possible cost.


Pre-Construction Stage

Project Needs Analysis

Feasibility Study

Design Brief

Project Control Framework

Project Works Breakdown

Project Organization Charts

Schedules of Design Deliverables

Liaising with Design Consultants

Project Estimates Control

Project Design Assessment

Bills of Quantities Assessment

Construction Permit Applications

Procurement Planning

Tendering Management

Contract Risk Analysis

Construction Stage

Full-time Construction Supervision

Contract Management

Coordination of Site Meetings

Progress Evaluation and Reporting

Establishment of Environment, Health and Safety Plans

Quality Assurance and Control

Method Statement and QA/QC Plans

Logistics Management

On-site Mitigation

Change Order Management

Material Testing

Dispute Resolution

Performance & Productivity Assessment

On-site Contract Administration

Interim Certification

Post-Construction Stage

Schedules of Defects

Final Accounts Analysis & Certification

Project Close-Out Reports

Review of As-Built Drawings

Defects Management

Dispute Avoidance & Claims Mitigation

Practical Completion Certification