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Road Construction Rates Per Km In Kenya 2021

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After publishing a comprehensive report on Kenya’s construction costs, we’ve been receiving inquiries regarding the corresponding road construction costs in Kenya. As such, we had to take the time to research extensively and prepare a guide that conclusively reveals the actual road construction rates in Kenya. 

Now, for the sake of accuracy, we didn’t limit ourselves to the road projects that Integrum has been involved in as the project managers (usually on the side of the contractor). We also pulled data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Kenya Roads Board (KRB), Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), and Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA). 

Here’s what we ultimately established…

How Much Does It Cost To Build Tarmac Road Per Km? 

Ok, sorry to say, but there are no standard road construction costs in Kenya. Rather, the cost of constructing 1 km of tarmac road ranges from Kshs 26.12 million in some projects to as much as Kshs 903.37 million per km in other projects. 

Yeah, we know – that’s a pretty huge variation. You see, when it comes to road construction, the precise project costs depend on multiple factors – such as the type of construction materials used, terrain and soil conditions, road class, road design, drainage,  etc. 

Superhighways (S) and International Trunk Roads (A), for instance, typically attract the highest road construction rates per km because they’re designed to withstand heavy traffic and loads. National Trunk Roads (B) on the other hand, are usually cheaper – while Primary Roads (C) and Seconds (D) generally have the lowest road construction rates in Kenya. 

We figure it can be hectic keeping up with all these rates. So, to simplify everything for you, we’ve broken down the costs of recent road construction projects into their respective rates per km. This should help you get a good idea of how much it’ll cost to build a specific type of road in 2021. 

Otherwise, here’s even an additional guide on how much the project engineers earn in Kenya.

If you’re a road contractor, though, you can get in touch with us for an accurate analysis of the tendering rates, based on all your project parameters. 

Road Construction Costs In Kenya (Per Km)

Here are the actual road construction costs per km of projects undertaken recently:

Cost Of Road Construction In Kenya – New Asphalt (Tarmac) Roads

tarmac road construction rates per km kenya

Kahawa Sukari Estate Access Roads: Kshs 58.99 million per km. 

Access to Embakasi (Infinity) Industrial Park: Kshs 177.04 million per km. 

Syokimau – Katani Phase II: Kshs 121.44 million per km. 

Kericho Bypass (Phase 1):  Kshs 89.16 million per km.

Kisii Bypass (Phase I): Kshs 86.31 million per km. 

Lenana- Muchugia – Dagoretti Market Link Road: Kshs 73.31 million per km. 

Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Eastleigh Estate Access Roads: Kshs 212.68 million per km. 

Nyahururu Bypass: Kshs 70.27 million per km. 

Mandera Town Roads: Kshs 62.19 million per km. 

Eastleigh roads Phase II: Kshs 225.69 million per km. 

Old Nairobi Road and Bishop Muge Roads in Uasin Gishu: Kshs 97.02 million per km. 

Kiogoro – Gesure – Itibo – Masongo Roads: Kshs 61.43 million per km. 

Busia – Malaba: Kshs 33.97 million per km. 

Kangundo Road – Greater Eastern Bypass Link Road: Ksh 116.07 million per km.

Mau Narok – Kisiriri Road: Kshs 38.19 million per km. 

Ugunja-Nyadorera-Ruambwa: Kshs 92.88 million per km. 

Upper Hill – Mbagathi Link Road: Kshs 113.63 million per km. 

Mlolongo – Kware – Katani Link Roads Phase II: Kshs 208.91 million per km. 

Thika Bypass: Kshs 186.80 million per km. 

Mteza – Kibundani (Dongo Kundu): Kshs 284.15 million per km. 

Ngong Road (Dagoretti Corner – Karen Roundabout Section): Kshs 202.86 million per km. 

Ngong Road -Kibera- Kung’u Karumba- Langata Road: Kshs 499.41 million per km. 

Narok – Sekenani: Kshs. 26.12 million per km. 

Upper Hill Roads Phase II: Kshs 347.47 million per km. 

Ngong Road Phase II (KNLS Nairobi – Dagoretti Corner): Kshs 666.31 million per km. 

Link Road to New Lamu Port: Kshs 231.09 million per km.

Nyaru – Iten: Kshs 75.59 million per km. 

Nairobi Western Bypass: Kshs 137.31 million per km. 

Posta (Naibor)-Kisima-Maralal (A4): Kshs 82.75 million per km. 

Meru Bypass Roads: Kshs 142.36 million per km. 

Waiyaki Way-Redhill Link Road: Kshs 633.66 million per km. 

Ruiru – Githunguri – Uplands: Kshs 84.85 million per km. 

Kitale – Endebess – Suam Road: Kshs 99.44 million per km. 

Chiakariga – Meru Road: Kshs 84.87 million per km. 

Eldoret Town Bypass Road: Kshs 158.76 million per km. 

Missing Link Roads and Non-Motorised Transport Facilities: Kshs 323.91 million per km. 

Nuno-Modogashe (A13): Kshs 45.45 million per km. 

Garsen – Witu – Lamu: Kshs 80.51 million per km. 

Nairobi Outering Road Improvement Project: Kshs 903.37 million per km. 

James Gichuru – Rironi: Kshs 646.90 million per km. 

Kibwezi – Kitui – Migwani (A9/B64): Kshs 95.86 million per km.

Cost Of Road Construction In Kenya – Road Dualling

cost of road dualling construction kenya

Changamwe-Magongo – Kwa Jomvu Road Dualling: Kshs 605.08 million per km.

Kisumu Boys -Mamboleo: Kshs 570.02 million per km. 

Dualling of Athi River-Machakos Turnoff: Kshs 264.43 million per km. 

Mombasa – Mariakani Road (Lot 1: Msa – Kwa Jomvu): Kshs 150.42 million per km.

Cost of Road Construction In Kenya – Road Upgrading

road construction costs kenya per km

Bomet – Kapsimotwa Road: Kshs 60.08 million per km. 

Kitale Township Roads, Trans-Nzoia County: Kshs 74.74 million per km. 

Kapenguria Township Roads: Kshs 49.68 million per km. 

Wote Township Roads: Kshs 58.08 million per km. 

Lady Irene-Mandizini-Muslim-Nambaya Junction D258 & Wakili Road: Kshs 59.64 million per km. 

County Road and Garissa Ndogo-Sankuri Link Road, Garissa County: Kshs 96.14 million per km.

Kapkwen-Kapsimotwa-Silibwet Road, Bomet County: Kshs 65.66 million per km. 

Machakos – Mombasa Road – Lukenya (K4) Roads: Kshs 65.44 million per km. 

Wajir Bypass (Phase 1): Kshs 90.14 million per km. 

Hola Township Roads: Kshs 54.21 million per km. 

Old Malindi Road, Mombasa County: Kshs 61.26 million per km.

Maua Town Roads: Kshs 68.13 million per km. 

Jomvu Kuu – Jitoni – Rabai Road,Mombasa County: Kshs 90.16 million per km. 

Mokowe Township Roads, Lamu County: Kshs 74.39 million per km. 

Eldoret Township Roads, Uasin Gishu County : Kshs 76.43 million per km. 

Nakuru CBD Roads: Kshs 82.51 million per km. 

Kalobeyei River – Nakodok: Kshs 89.27 million per km. 

Lokitaung – Kalobeyei River: Kshs 105.70 million per km. 

Lodwar – Lokitaung Junction: Kshs 104.17 million per km. 

Loichangamatak – Lodwar: Kshs 135.65 million per km. 

Cost of Road Construction In Kenya – Road Rehabilitation

Kisii – Ahero Road: Kshs 49.31 million per km. 

Isebania – Kisii Road: Kshs 46.73 million per km.

Cost of Road Construction In Kenya – Periodic Maintenance

Access Road to Mwanyani Primary School in Machakos County: Kshs 30.51 million per km. 

Kari – Kakamega Airstrip: Kshs 45.45 million per km. 

Nairobi Eastlands Roads (Lot 3): Kshs 31.99 million per km. 

Nairobi Eastlands Roads (Lot 1): Kshs 31.69 million per km. 

Nairobi Eastlands Roads (Lot 2): Kshs 40.23 million per km.


Overall, to accurately estimate the cost of your road construction project, you have to take the following into consideration: 

  • Surveying costs. 
  • Land acquisition costs. 
  • Setting out costs – including road staking, felling, forming, and clearing. 
  • Rock blasting costs. 
  • The costs of the earthworks – including gravelling, grading, and compacting. 
  • Gravel crushing costs. 
  • Paving costs. 
  • Surfacing costs. 
  • The costs of environment protection works – including soil stabilization, retaining structures, and bridges. 
  • Miscellaneous costs – such as the transport and delivery of items. 
  • Machine costs. 
  • Project servicing costs. 

That said, feel free to raise any questions you might have regarding your road construction project, and we’ll be glad to help. Integrum’s engineers are extensively experienced in managing road construction projects on behalf of contractors. 

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Charles Dede
Charles Dede
2 years ago

This is an excellent summary of the major costs in a road construction, which usually varies from project to project depending on natural, physical, climatic, environmental, social, financial and other constraints that must be overcome for the project to be successfully delivered.

Jeniffer opiyo
Jeniffer opiyo
2 years ago

You could also talk about some of the road projects in Kenya that have had cost overrun during construction.

1 year ago

Details about the kiasi-Ahero road construction

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